Preparation For Getting A Puppy

Preparation For Getting A Puppy

The most important thing about being a dog owner is knowing what you are doing. This blog will publish a new article every week about something new, like what breed to get, how to train them to sit, or even walking off lead.

Before you get a dog, you must be prepared for what you are signing up for. If you aren’t willing to walk them everyday or play with them and care for them you might as well get a houseplant or a pet rock.

First, you will want to know whether you want it from a breeder or a rescue. If you are looking for a puppy or a specific type of breed, you should probably get a breeder, there are lots of breeders around we used a breeder from Cashel in Tipperary, more uncommon breeds might be harder to find.

No matter what dog You are getting, do not get them from a puppy Farm or online. Always make sure you Know where your dog is coming from and make sure you can trust your breeder.

If you would like a rescue, you should be prepared for lots of training and hard work because they might be nervous of humans or aggressive because they might have a bad history with their past owners; however, it is a very rewarding experience helping a dog find a better life.        

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